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A few pieces of information from the wine and gin industry for you, a combination of own and third-party articles that are published here or linked accordingly. Have fun reading, sharing or commenting with a good glass in your hand ;)


Pinot gris from the Eimermann winery has received a new outfit

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As usual, you voluntarily reach for the bottle in the fridge, even if you actually wanted to drink a beer. Only now much more elegant!

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Weißburgunder - Weingut Milz

Pinot Blanc from the Milz Winery is a wine you should have drunk in any case

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Lightning clean Pinot Blanc with light spice and some fruity apricot aromas. An all-rounder from fish dishes to grilled meat with a light melt. Super!

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Wasem - Doppelstück

Presentation: Einzylinder - dry red wine from WASEM Doppelstück

|   extern

Einzylinder – the red wine cuvée with the right drive and the optimal traction for all situations: At the Dinner for two with increased romance factor…

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[Translate to Englisch:] Jürgen Overheid

Find the right wine glass

Created by Jürgen Overheid | |   extern

The offer of wine glasses is large, even so large that the orientation when buying a wine glass is quite difficult. Sure, white wines are drunk from…

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The winners of the Spätburgunder Trophy 2020

Created by falstaff | |   extern

The winning wine comes from Schweigen - the "Sonnenberg" there lies partly on French territory.

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Thore Eimermann

New Announcement: Lightning-clean gray burgundy from the Eimermann winery

Created by Tim Erben | |   intern

The white wine grape in a red coat is currently running into the front doors of #stayathome wine lovers

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