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Papa Luna D.O. - Calatayud

Papa Luna D.O. was developed from Garnacha, Syrah and Mazuelo for about 5 months in barriques in second occupancy. It shows on the nose with an opulent bouquet with an intense scent of berries, spices, herbs, cocoa, smoke and leather. Strong on the tongue, multi-layered, slightly mineral, delicately spicy, with a lot of dark fruit and velvety tannins - powerfully elegant with a long reverberation.

Garnacha, Syrah, Mazuelo
5 months second occupancy
15% alc.

9,00 EUR
(12,00 EUR / Liter)

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Papa Luna - Wine - Calatayud

The Scotsman Norrel Robertson is Spain's only Master of Wine and in the Spanish wine region Calatayud he was looking for plots with old vines, because the Garnacha variety produces the best results here. The name of the wine "Papa Luna" comes from Pedro Martinez de Luna. An important figure, who came from the Calatayud area and ruled as one of the popes in Avignon between 1394 and 1422. This powerful cuvée received 91 points from the Falstaff.

Careful temperature-controlled fermentation and the collaboration of trained winegrowers have made Papa Luna D.O. developed into a full-bodied, distinctive Rhône blend. Papa Luna D.O. is a balanced and structured wine that gets its length and strong complexity from the long time spent with the fine yeast. He is an opulent and multifaceted muscle man!

El Escocés Volante

The company El Escoces Volante, based in Aragón, Spain, is dedicated to the production of high-quality wines such as Papa Luna D.O., with a particular focus on the local Garnacha grape variety. They specialize in producing very individual wines from local Spanish varieties from other exciting wine regions.