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Pinot Gris - Winery Eimermann

You voluntarily reach for the Pinot Gris from the Eimermann Winery in the refrigerator, even if you actually wanted to drink a beer ;)

100% Pinot Gris
13 % alc.

7,00 EUR
(10,67 EUR / Liter)

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Eimermann Winery

The fascination of viticulture lies in the naturalness of the handling of vines. Every day in the vineyard is different. Every year has its own characteristics. Winegrowers combine tradition, craftsmanship and contemporary intuition. This makes the wine unique.

The Eimermann winery is located in Schwabsburg, a region called Nierstein in Rhineland Hesse. The vineyard is situated in one of the best locations in the Niersteiner Rote Hang (Pettenthal, Oelberg, Heiligenbaum, Schloss Schwabsburg). The Eimermann winery has been in family ownership since the 19th century and cultivates about 16 hectares of vineyards.

Thore Eimermann, Dipl.-Ing., FH, Viticulture / Oenology is a quiet and balanced type. High quality and constant quality orientation are decisive for him. He has a great passion for Riesling in Rheinhessen and - since a research-related stay in New Zealand - a loyal fan of Sauvignon Blanc.