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Riesling S - Winery Josef Milz

Casual summer nights can be enjoyed more relaxed with a moderate and balanced Riesling in the glass.

100% Riesling
11,5% alc.

10,00 EUR
(13,33 EUR / Liter)

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Winery Josef Milz

The Milz family has been producing wine in Trittenheim since 1520. The original Laurentiushof manor house is located in the middle of the church in Trittenheim. Some wine cellars were built in 1680, and the rest of the building was constructed around 1715. The core of the house and the wine cellar has always maintained the old style and is equipped with the most modern facilities of the winery.

This long experience is reflected in the quality of our wines. As a founding member of the VDP, the winery is also deeply rooted in the history of German wine. Since 2015, a wine shop has been located at the intersection of Olkstraße and Brückenstraße, only two minutes away from the original winery.

The vineyards are steep with a gradient of up to 90 percent. This ensures optimal light output and heat absorption. Slate is the foundation of the vines. It is the heat storage of the vines, which improves the quality of the grapes and gives the wines mineral characteristics.

Riesling was first mentioned in the Mosel valley in Trittenheim. The Milz winery is one of the oldest wineries in the region, and the cultivation of Riesling vines accounts for more than 90% of the business. Typical Moselle. The special thing about it are the old vines. 80% of the vines are over 35 years old. This wine is very sustainable and long-lasting.